We are a creative photography company specializing in intimate weddings & storytelling portraits based in Lagos Nigeria .

If you want a well-planned, creatively filmed and picture capture that showcases your image, business, services or products, we can help.
We are professional that provides our clients with a wealth of video production skills and creative picture capture techniques.
This can often include drone aerial video and photography capture of which is especially suited for producing real estate marketing video productions that we provide under our brand. We also provide expert consultation on how to best capture your events.

An appreciation of photography & honest storytelling is essential to our clients & we are so grateful you have found yourself here on our website..
We also provide expert consultation on how to best capture your events
Our brand is a promise -
With years already under our belt, Basmas Photography has firmly established itself as Nigeria's leading corporate events and occasions photographic company.
Because we focus solely on all events and different occasions around Nigeria. we are true specialists in our field.
This has enabled us to develop a great understanding of the unique requirements of both the event organizer and the client.
Our solid reputation is based on our consistently high levels of service, professional photographers, creative excellence, and strong attention to detail, all combining to ensure you total peace of mind on the day.
So, let us do it all for you, and relax – you're in safe hands.


With years as Nigeria leading Photographer, We continues to capture memories and create legacies that set the standards in quality, innovation and creativity throughout all areas of photography.

From Fine Art to Portrait photography, Wedding photography, Event photography, Commercial photography to Framing and Restoration, our photographers display skill, creativity and innovation time and again, keeping clients happy and coming back year after year.

If pictures paint a thousand words have a look at Shoot to see how we help people tell their story, or read our clients' Testimonials & see what they are saying about us.

As experienced Basmas Photographers, couples have trusted us to capture their special day for years. call us for your Bridal Packages & Wedding Special, and how we can help make this an unforgettable experience...capturing all your images on photo book.. . .

Full Photography services

  • Portraits
  • Events
  • Weddings
  • Corporate
  • Restoration
  • Framing
  • Passport
  • Fine Art
  • web pictures
  • Conference
  • All Events video Production
  • Sport photography
  • Others
  • Whether you want photographs of a particular event of your weddings, Birthdays, conference,Seminars or you need ongoing photographic and video coverage over a number of days, Basmas photography will be at your side, whether your venue is in Lagos or any where in Nigeria..



    ₦5,000 / ₦50,000


    Family or personal portraits have a choice of location, classical, candid, or contemporary. Every session is tailored to you and your family.
    ₦5,000 / ₦50,000

    Corporate Event

    When you book us without a doubt that we will arrive on time, we dress appropriately and conduct ourselves professionally
    ₦5,000 / ₦50,000


    Whether you want photographs of a particular conference, Basmas will be at your side,
    ₦5,000 / ₦50,000


    Couples have trusted us to capture their special day for years. call us for your Bridal Packages.
    ₦5,000 / ₦50,000

    Video Production

    Your talent is to prepare a crazy amount of ingredients which, with the right spice, pinnacle on the day of your corporate event. Our talent is to make sure nobody ever forgets how well you did this. We come along with sample of our past event coverage.
    ₦5,000 / ₦50,000


    Create your own passport photos (passport pictures) for your ID Photo. Printed on matte or glossy photo quality paper; Size of photo. 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size; Size of head must be between(25 - 35 mm) from the bottom of the chin
    ₦5,000 / ₦50,000

    Fashion Photo

    Let us know what feel, style, and colours you want for your flyer,banner and postters and we can help bring your vision to life on the page.
    ₦5,000 / ₦50,000


    We often put the photos we take into frames as a way of displaying and drawing attention to our favorite photos,we have different shapes and sizes that brings out the best

    Capture memories so that they last a lifetime

    As time goes by, our surroundings will change and everyone around us will grow older – and unfortunately our memories will fade as well, and we may struggle to remember certain points in our lives. Luckily we can capture these memories so that we don't have to rely ourselves to memorise particular moments – this can be done by Basmas photography to help capture your event.

    As opposed to looking back on snapshots taken by your friend or family member, professional photography services allows you to have your photos taken by a professional photographer who is trained and experienced in what they do. You can choose exactly who is in the shots, where the shots are taken and what kind of 'feeling' you want to bring to the photos.

    So how do you ensure that you hire professional photographers for your photography requirements? First of all you'll want to deal with a professional photographer who has years of experience in the industry – you don't just want some random person who can press the button on a camera! You'll want someone who has been in the industry long enough to have dealt with a range of clientele and a range of different requirements and needs.

    Another thing to look for when hiring a professional photography is whether they offer any sort of guarantees with their photography services. A satisfaction guarantee can give you complete peace of mind that if you are not completely happy with the photos taken, the photographer will either re-shoot the photos or return your money.

    So what kinds of photography services are available? What are the typical types of shoots that your professional photographer has completed in the past?

    Family photography is one of the most common types of shoots – it is an ideal time to capture certain time frames in family's lives, especially children (i.e. when they are toddlers, when they are at school, when they are teenagers and when they are young adults). You can choose to have your family photographs taken at the photographer's portrait photography studio, or in a location selected by you. Locations such as the park, gardens or beach are ideal locations when it's a sunny day, and the studio for when the weather isn't so great.

    Don't have any children? That doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy beautiful photos of you and your partner! Couples photography is a great way to celebrate your relationship. These photos are great to display around the house, send to family members or put on Christmas cards. Couples photography is also a great opportunity to take advantage of when you become engaged, as this is a moment you'll want to remember several years down the track!

    It's important that at any stage of our lives, we celebrate the way that we look – because everyone is beautiful and unique! You don't have to be a model to enjoy getting all 'made up' and having your photos taken… glamour photography is available for everyone, of all ages.

    There are four main steps to any photography shoot… the first step is booking in and having your first consultation. In this you will discuss your ideas and goals for the photo shoot, to be sure that your photographer is aware of your expectations. The second step is the actual photo shoot, where you will travel to the selected location and have your photos taken. The third step is viewing the photos and choosing your favourite ones to be ordered. And the final step is picking up the photos, and arranging custom framing if required.

    At Basmas photography we offer all our clients this four packeges to make them feel they can reliar on us at the best of there moment.