Computer connectivity

Our IT specialist helps you connect all your computer system in your hotels,schools,Banks etc in uniform no matter the distance we make it easy to connect all of your computer system in just one location .We also help you connect your computer to your phone and from phone to computer when browsing or setting up a cyber cafe or CBT centre in your location .

Monitor and Troubleshoot VoIP Performance

Basmas didital helps monitor VoIP services using Cisco IPSLA technology. With us it is now easy to troubleshoot poor VoIP performance and obtain Source-to-Destination and Destination-to-Source data on Packet Loss, Delay and Jitter values.

Gain Visibility in Network Traffic with NetFlow

We monitor your SNMP performance to provide total IN/OUT traffic flowing through the interfaces. For in-depth network performance visibility, we also offers flow-based traffic monitoring which provides insights into top bandwidth consumers and network performance trends. It supports a wide array of flow technologies such as NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IP FIX, cFlowd, and NetStream. and so More..

Analyse and Troubleshoot WAN Issues

We aids in wireless network monitoring by leveraging Cisco IPSLA to help visualize your WAN links and troubleshoot WAN outages and performance issues. Basmas's WAN RTT (Round-Trip Time) monitor provides details on WAN link latency, bandwidth utilization, Round-Trip-Time, and hop-by-hop performance to resolve poor WAN performance.