Our Full Engineering services:

Basmas digital is the affordable & reliable desktop and laptop repair service centre in lagos and its known as the highest quality service provider for all kinds of computer brands
We provide home service job for our customers.
All branded laptop and desktop spare parts are also available on good price at our laptop service centre. You can purchase any computer hardware and software parts like laptop screen, keyboard, adapter, battery, hinges, laptop motherboard, touchpad, speaker WIFI etc. @ Very affordable price.
We are team of highly expertise laptop hardware issues like replacement of the laptop screen, data recovery from the hard disk, broken laptop hinges repair, faulty adapter service & windows operating system & Antivirus installation and so much.


Laptop Repair Services

  • Laptop LCD Screen Repair
  • Laptop Keyboard Repair
  • Laptop Hinges Repair
  • Laptop Fan Repair.
  • Desktop Computer Repair

  • Desktop LCD Screen Repair
  • Desktop Keyboard Repair
  • Desktop Hinges Repair
  • Desktop Fan Repair.
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    Laptop Screen Repair

  • Replace broken laptop screen
  • HP laptop screen Repair
  • Laptop white screen repair
  • Black laptop screen repair.
  • Laptop Keyboard Repair

  • .Missing Laptop Keyboard Keys
  • Some Keys are not working
  • Replace HP laptop keyboard
  • Troubleshooting keyboard issue .
  • Laptop Hinges Repair

  • Broken Hinges Replacement
  • Fix broken laptop panel
  • HP | Dell | Lenovo Hinges
  • Laptop Fan Repair

  • Diagnose and fix an overheating
  • Fan Noises Caused from Overheating
  • Quickly fix laptop cooling fan
  • Replace non working laptop Fan.
  • Sales of all Computer

  • Fearly used laptop
  • Fealy used desktop
  • New Laptop
  • New desktop computer
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    Laptop Adapter repair

  • Adapter over heating
  • Adapter mouth fixing
  • Purchase new adapter
  • Used adapter purchase
  • Many companies manufacture different laptop but the most used brand in Nigeria is HP Laptop, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Sony & HCL laptop. We have over 5years of experience in IT service industry with cost effective services in Laptop & computer repairs 
    We are most accessible or can say the approachable laptop repair service provider in Lagos Nigeria and we have our own motherboard repairing Lab and we repair the laptop with latest Tools and techniques like BGA machine, CRO, Multi meter etc.

    We also fix any combination of any computer components like Laptop LCD display screen, laptop Keyboard, Touchpad , Laptop Hinges, Laptop Motherboard, Battery , Charger, Jack, AC Adapter etc. Laptop hard disk is also very important and engineers have extended the functionality of the laptop Hard disk.

    Laptop is a portable or you can say movable computer which can move easily from one place to other place than desktop computer, Laptop is very thin and has the leas weight also.

    Looking for a reputable computer engineer to help fix your computer or help set up your computer room?
    BASMAS DIGITAL is your first call give us a call today and you wont regret hiring us