BASMAS DIGITAL is a digital consulting firm located in Lagos Nigeria and has branches in Ibadan and Abeokuta. The consultancy firm started in Lagos in the year 2012 ,The company started with just website designing and later grow to full digital consulting firm were we perform a classical strategy improvement in making the company grow to digital consulting firm.
BASMAS DIGITAL provides creative graphic design service(printing), website design, Photography,computer networking,computer engineering,online reputation management,softwares applications,digital marketing and any other digital consultation to help established, small medium company’s entrepreneurs business owners in Nigeria transform their marketing materials from ordinary to professional.

MISSION--Providing exceptional first class service to all organization and to create a conducive operation between our clients and their own customer

VISION-To be the foremost leading Digital consulting company service providing optimal professional service that is appreciated by all class of clients and to facilitate harmonious social cultural and business relationship between clients..

CORE VALUES- integrity / competences /Excellent/ orderliness / Efficiency and trust.

OUR GOALS INCLUDE : Providing easy communication between our company and our clients

  • To help get adequate and rightful answers to the public enquiries
  • To provide Efficient and professional way of making your company stand out and ascend colorful
  • To make all activities in your organization well known to the public
  • To direct the world to all necessary facilities available within the organization.

  • Our Promise

    So what do you need, Let’s discuss with our development team who have already delivered a successful project. We promise to give you an outstanding service which gives exposure to your business.
    Our team of expert provide seamless integration & customization development that are fully supported with all versions. Basmas has delivered lots of websites,apps etc for a variety of industries like transportation, Hotels, Schools and Education, Healthcare, Real Estate and many online business start-ups.

    Management Team